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Fullips Lip Plumping Enhancer

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Quick Overview

  • FULLIPS Lip Enhancer

  • The lip enhancer works by using self-suction to enhance your lip line.

  • Available in three sizes: Small, Medium & Large.

  • Gift Pack also includes, gift bag, authenticity thank you card, instructions and limited edition ring!

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Availability: In stock

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The lip enhancer works by using self-suction to enhance your lipline and give added fullness. There may be somewhat of a "learning" curve in achieving the best look for your lips using fullips. With use, you will be able to move the enhancer around for better placement to add fullness to specific areas and understand what works best for you. Wetting the area around the mouth helps get the best suction.

Position the enhancer over the mouth area and begin to gently suck in, creating a firm suction. Gently continue until you feel your lips and the area around your lips pull into the fullips enhancer. Do not over do the suction when using your fullips enhancer. Start slowly, sucking gently and creating a suction, release the suction after about 10-15 seconds. Remove the enhancer and check to see if you have your desired look and fullness. If not, repeat all of the above steps.

Everyone has different needs and ideas of how full they want their lips and where they want the fullness. Using your fullips enhancer should NOT hurt, if it hurts, then you have created too much of a suction, so use your tongue or your finger and break the suction. You can then replace the enhancer and begin again. If lips look purple or hurt in any way, stop, as the suction is too strong.

*If you have injections, medical, or dental issues these should not be used. Using the round, large enhancer, your whole mouth area will be encompassed. If you are using one of the ovals, you can target specific areas to enlarge. The ovals can be used horizontally or vertically.

When using vertically, place the enhancer in the center of your lip area, covering both your top lip and bottom lip, this will increase the middle area of your lips, giving a more cupid look to the lip line. You can also move this from side to side, doing the side areas of the mouth. Using the oval horizontally, you can focus on either the top or bottom lip or both.

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