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Acusoothe Acupressure Spike Nail Yoga Mat

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Quick Overview

  • Relieves Headaches, Stress and Irritability

  • Relieves Tiredness, Muscles Aches and Tension

  • Best Quality Hand Made Mat

  • Dimensions- 60cm x 40cm x 2cm

  • 210 Individual Discs- Each With 33 Pin Points- Making 7000 Acupressure Points

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Availability: In stock

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Acusoothe Acupressure Spike Nail Bed Yoga Mat- 100% Cotton- Very Large- 210 Disks

The Acusoothe Acupressure Mat is the best tool for self-healing, relaxation and meditation. The mat contains a bed of spikes which work in a similar way to acupuncture by waking up the body - restoring its pranic flow and directing blood to areas in need of healing.

Research has shown that the pressure releases endorphins, making you feel energised and joyful. It also stimulates the release of oxytocin, which will help you feel calm and relaxed.


As the body's natural pain killers, endorphins should soothe away aches, niggles and tensions throughout your body. Some users have claimed that regular use of a spiky mat alleviates muscle pain.


To reap the benefits, lie on the mat for 20-40 minutes at least a couple of times a week. Regular use of the acupressure mat will induce relaxation and self-healing quicker. It should feel 'nicely painful' to lie on the mat, but everyone has different pain thresholds, so experiment with lying on a towel until you find the right level of sensation. The 'spikes' have a rounded tip, so can't hurt you, however people with sensitive skin, haemophilia or psoriasis should use the mat with caution.

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